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Blue is the new Green - The Exhibition Display Industry and the Environment

November 24, 2014

I am always being asked to write more by my expert marketing people, they really do not realise how difficult it is to convince that part of your brain that is saying, you don`t want to do this, leave it alone for a while, go to the beach and think about, or go anywhere as long as you don`t have to sit down here, and think. I decided that I can go to the beach later, so that I can spend some time communicating with you.

As you will have noticed we have spent a lot of time recently dealing with the environment in our industry. As you may have seen on the news this is a big news item and it affects us all. Recently, we have the White House and the Chinese Government shaking hands over a new agreement that is supposed to curtail carbon emissions.

This agreement is going to be talked about for some time as it is a major development on the global environment. Whether we will see other nations following or whether we will see any real gains is not predictable as politics always seem to interfere with goodwill.

But, there is something that you and me can do, and we can start right now.

By using Dye Sublimation Printing on bio degradable fabric instead the traditional inkjet and solvent printing, on PVC`s we will be leaving a much smaller footprint on our environment. Fabric is much lighter and is easier on transportation, reduces damage, less need for replacements.

Why Dye Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is when a substance transitions between the solid and the gas states without going through a liquid stage, the action of dry ice exposed to room temperature is an example. In a Dye Sublimation printer the water based printing dye is heated up until it turns into gas at which point it diffuses onto the print fabric and solidifies. The result is a far more eco friendly process, vibrant, longer life, and colour fast image.

What are the advantages of Dye Sublimation printing?

•   Reduce water use as Dye sublimation is a complete waterless printing process
•   Dye sublimation prints are dry and ready to handle when they come out, this eliminates the need to energy eating heaters to dry the prints.
•   Water based inks used in traditional printing produce organic chemical compounds that have enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporise and enter the atmosphere. These are volatile organic compounds often associated with solvent based inks,
Fabric Prints
The prints that we print at BlueCanDo are in most cases eco friendly high quality yarn fabric. The premium fabric ensures colour fast and vibrant results as well as maximum ink penetration. It is bio-degradable and leaves very little residue on the environment, unlike PVC and other commonly used print media.
Reduce your carbon footprint
Due to the its light weight and the ability to fold the graphic into small packages fabric prints are considerably more energy efficient when transporting them, weighing as up to half the weight of traditional displays. Your company’s carbon footprint can therefore be significantly reduced. The volume size of fabric also means it takes less storage space when not in use.
Other advantages in using fabric prints
•   Fabric can be folded no creases
•   Washable without any risk of loosing colour.
•   Lightweight smaller volume less expensive to ship.
•   During use, no creases, no kinks, no curling, means less replacement due to damage.

It is without doubt that we all leave a mark on our precious environment. We also know that if we make a small effort we can reduce this mark significantly. We at BlueCanDo are offering a small solution in reducing that mark with our fabric Prints. We welcome you to join us in hoping we can leave a better place for the generations that will follow us.
Remember that looking after the environment is also looking after your budget.