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Flags and Hanging Displays

5 Reasons to integrate teardrop banners into your display

Teardrop banners are amongst the most popular display options in our range. The spread of businesses that use them is stunning; they’re great for everyone from tech companies to boutique gourmet producers. In no particular order, here are five of the most exciting features and benefits of ordering teardrop banners for your organisation.

1. They’re eye-catching.
Teardrop banners are tall, with large sizes often rising higher than hanging banners on average-size marquees. They ripple subtly in the breeze, which catches the viewer’s gaze even when they’re not looking straight on.

2. The shape is distinctive and modern.
Also known as ‘Bali banners’ for the way their shape mimics traditional Balinese flags, this shape is relatively new in the grand scheme of signage design. If you’re seeking to promote a cool contemporary aesthetic for your brand, teardrop banners are a great choice.

3. They work well in all weather.
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane all have notoriously changeable weather. When it comes to setting up an outdoor display for an expo, trade show or fair, this can pose a challenge. BlueCanDo have designed our teardrop banners to suit Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne conditions. In fact, you could put our banners anywhere from the WA deserts to the NT tropics to the chilly Tasmanian coast and they’d hold up equally well. They’re waterproof, wind resistant, secure, and won’t require constant readjustment or retying.

4. They’re versatile.
With the space and surface area available, you can print and display just about anything. Unlike rectangular banners and counter signs, you’ve got plenty of room and the whole surface is visible at any one time. This means you don’t have to pick and choose what to display at any one time. From a fine logo print to your full business name and details, anything is possible.

5. They’re ultra-light and portable.
No display solutions are quite as portable and quick to set up as teardrop banners. Because they stand up independently on their bases, instead of attaching to another structure, they’re ready to go in minutes. We can ship yours anywhere in the country, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, for one low flat rate.

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