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Custom Displays to Suit You!

We understand that you want to stand out, to be different - maybe it is a part of your brand culture to be different, or perhaps you know that you are going to be in a room with 300 businesses similar to yours and you need to stand out.

We can help! At Blue Can Do, not only do we pride ourselves on having a large range of unique products, an entire series is completely customiseable, the only limit is your imagination!

Our Blue Wave series are made of components that can be arranged in thousands of (if not more) configirations. Whether you want to change the shape or size, curved or straight pannels, the number and type of counter, TV screens and how many, the layout of the pannels, and numerous other additions such as blimps, kiosks or banner stands. And that isn't even going into the incredible graphic space you can play with!

Below are a few configurations we have come up with and people have used - but the possibilities and variations are endless. Check out some of the other configurations here, or contact us now to start designing yours today!